Game-Changing Stuffing Recipes

Game-Changing Stuffing Recipes

These stuffing recipes are sure to be a hit this holiday season
Game-Changing Stuffing Recipes

After the turkey, most people tend to agree that the stuffing (or dressing if you are in the South) is the next most important dish on any holiday table. In its simplest form, stuffing is a delectable mixture of bread, savory vegetables (is stuffing really stuffing without onions and celery?), aromatic herbs, and a generous glug of some kind of stock to bring everything together. (Sausage also often makes a cameo.) Not only is stuffing a delicious part of a wonderful meal, it’s also so easy to make. It can easily be made ahead of time, which is a fabulous way to prep for an easy-peasy, stress-free Thanksgiving.

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Whether baked in the turkey, in a separate casserole dish or both, the stuffing shines. Crispy on the top, fluffy in the middle, stuffing is a crowd-pleaser. Anyone who’s anyone at the Thanksgiving table surely helps themselves to a spoonful (or several).


From stuffing recipes to make for the big day itself to recipes that make wonderful use of any leftover stuffing you may have in the fridge the next day, these stuffing recipes are sure to get you in a festive mood. Bacon-wrapped stuffing bites anyone? What about stuffing hash and eggs for a hearty holiday breakfast? Of course you can’t go wrong with a traditional stuffing either, so keep reading to discover some excellent, game-changing stuffing recipes.