Frozen Paleo: Delicious Frozen Treats Even Dairy-Eaters Will Crave

Cold treats all made with non-dairy ingredients and unrefined sugars — but we bet you can’t tell the difference

Cold treats all made with non-dairy ingredients and unrefined sugars — but we bet you can’t tell the difference

Cookbook author Pamela Braun opens her cookbook Frozen Paleo: Dairy-Free Ice Cream, Pops, Pies, Granitas, Sorbets, and More with the line, “Following the Paleo way of eating doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your sweet tooth once in a while.”

Whether or not you are a Paleo dieter, Braun’s frozen treats will please just about anyone searching for delicious desserts with fewer processed ingredients and refined sugars.

For instance, in lieu of traditional ice cream ingredients, Braun uses maple syrup, maple sugar, coconut sugar, and raw honey for sweetness; and coconut cream, coconut milk, and cashew cream to create lusciously rich textures.

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These recipes are simple, straightforward, and place a strong emphasis on quality, and we were lucky to snag a few of Braun’s recipes for our readers. We have Lemon-Mint Granita made with just water, honey, mint, and lemon; and Blueberry Crisp Ice Cream than folds blueberries and homemade Paleo granola into a creamy base of cashew and coconut milk made with a touch of freshly grated nutmeg. Braun also shared with us a recipe for dreamy vanilla ice cream bites dipped in a simple chocolate coating featuring coconut oil, maple syrup, and cocoa powder.

The Daily Meal had the opportunity to chat with the author to find out a little bit more about her cookbook and her approach to cooking:

The Daily Meal: What is your philosophy of cooking?

Pamela Braun: Cooking is a shared experience. When you cook, you are generally cooking not only for yourself, but for someone else (or several someone elses). When you sit down to eat, you share your food. From the sharing comes conversation. Having conversations with others helps you to grow, much like food does, and it makes life more enjoyable.

How did it inspire the recipes you chose to include in this book?

Frozen treats are meant to be shared. Who doesn't remember being a kid and having popsicles with their friends? These recipes are just a little more grown up than those popsicles you remember.

What is your favorite recipe in the book and why?

The salted caramel stracciatella. I love the rich caramel flavored ice cream and all those little bits of chocolate that kind of pop in your mouth when you're eating it.

How do you hope readers will use this book? What do you hope they take away?

I hope that they'll use this book to make themselves some little treats to enjoy. A lot of times we don't take the time to treat ourselves because we don't think we deserve it or it's just too much. But by giving yourself a little treat, you are telling yourself that it's OK to take a break, and it makes you feel good.

Anything else you would like the share?


This book isn't just for people who follow the Paleo way of eating. These frozen treats will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth or loves ice cream. My non-Paleo recipe-testers loved the treats from this book as much as the Paleo followers did.