Dishes You'll Only Find In The Northeast

The northeastern corner of the United States, better known as New England, may not be the nationwide culinary hotbed that the South is or have a widespread reach quite like the Midwest does, but the food that comes from the top-right of our country is top-notch. If you love fresh seafood, especially shellfish, there's no better region in America than the Northeast. And these 20 dishes that you'll only find in that area prove it.

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You know that baked beans are big in the Northeast, thanks to Boston's "Beantown" nickname, and of course dishes like clam chowder, lobster rolls, and Boston cream pie have a reach that is far beyond the borders of New England. There are also basic dishes, like cranberry sauce and blueberry muffins, which are simply better in the Northeast. Don't ask us why; they just are.

However, there are some foods and drinks that you truly need to travel to New England to try. Good luck finding coffee milk outside of Rhode Island or getting a truly delicious white clam pizza pie outside of Connecticut. You just can't. So for these and more, check out these 20 dishes you can only find in the Northeast.