Come and Get It With The Culinary Content Network Slideshow

Introducing a roundup of great recipes and reviews from the Culinary Content Network this week

Bite Sized — Shishito Peppers with Lime

Bite Sized, a blog by Jonathan and Jessica Meter, has the goal of creating beautiful, single bites of food with unique flavors. With a combination of a love for cooking and photography, they have developed Bite Sized to share their travels, experiences in New York, and "non-Bite Sized" recipes. Here, Jessica posts a recipe for a fast snack that is not only unique, but a "step up from a bowl of chips."

DivineCusine — Fried Eggs with Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms & Breaded Zucchini with Basil Mayonnaise

DivineCusine (Viva La Food!) is full of interesting recipes and meal ideas. In these two posts, DivineCusine provides meal ideas for fried eggs with balsamic-glazed mushrooms, and breaded zucchini with basil mayonnaise.

Cook’s Book — A New Kind of BLT

Cook’s Book is a blog by Marisa, a food writer, editor, and cook in training at the Culinary Institute of America. She has an appetite for all things delicious and uses this blog to compile her "gastronomical experiences, miscellaneous food musings, and of course, recipes." In this post, Marisa turns the BLT on its head, making Barbecue Chicken Sliders with Lime Turnip Slaw instead.

Bella Vivere — Review: New Orleans Seafood

Bella Vivere is all about restaurant news. Here, still on the search for the "best crawfish in town," Bella Vivere takes a look at restaurant New Orleans Seafood.

Accidental Locavore — 6 Ways the French are Environmentally Friendly


Accidental Locavore shares things eaten and cooked, with an emphasis on what’s local and fresh. In this post, Accidental Locavore shares ways in which the French may have an upper hand on us environmentally, and how we can step it up to do the same.

Or Whatever You Do — Raspberry Margarita

Or Whatever You Do is a self-described terrible namer in dire need of a new bio photo. Bio pages give her writer’s block, but posting content makes her giddy. Or Whatever You Do acts as a place for her to document, share, and communicate with fellow food bloggers, food lovers, family, and friends, and she’s having a blast while doing it. Here, a ready-for-spring blogger gets fruity with a recipe for a raspberry margarita.

Haniela’s — Planting Broccoli

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Haniela’s (from my kitchen to yours), likes to be called Hani, for short, and describes herself as "a behind the scenes baker, chef, cookie decorator, gardener, and photographer." In this post, Hani gives us an early spring and fall recommendation for planting vegetables.

This Rawsome Vegan Life — Fruit + Coconut Ice Cream Cake with Brownie Crust

This Rawsome Vegan Life was started due to a love of creating food, defined by this blogger as "wholesome, natural fuel prepared with love and kindness that keeps a body living long and feeling beautiful inside and out." She shares recipes and thoughts regarding her raw lifestyle, and hopes to share a life with readers that is both "pretty darn random, and amazing." In this post, she shares a beautiful ice cream cake recipe, complete with fruit, coconut, and a brownie crust.