Come and Get it with the Culinary Content Network Slideshow

Diabetic Foodie — Packable Lunches for Kids and Adults

Diabetic Foodie was started in January of 2010, by Shelby Kinnaird, "a type 2 diabetic who loves to eat." With a set of rules dictating their food philosophy, Diabetic Foodie’s recipes will always contain nutritional information and will always be from a community of posters. In this post, Diabetic Foodie shares lunch tips — what to pack for kids and adults.


Hungry Happenings — Serve Basketball-Themed Food While You Watch the NCAA Finals

Hungry Happenings is a blog of festive food for special occasions. In this post, blogger Beth gets into March Madness, creating basketball-themed treats to keep in mind for your future sporting occasions.

Cherry on My Sundae — Three Cheese, Prosciutto, Salami, and Spinach Stromboli

Cherry on My Sundae sources recipes on the Internet, and then adjusts, improves, tweaks, and adds her personal touch, making sure to clarify steps and simplify complicated processes for readers, and advises that her blog is in place to do the same thing — to get you started so you can take and then make them your own! In this post, Cherry on My Sundae gives a savory recipe for a prosciutto stromboli. 

Culinary Connectors — Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Lincoln’s Roadhouse

Culinary Connectors was launched in November of 2008, with a mission to educate and share the culinary talent of Colorado, by way of highlighting its restaurants, shops, chefs, farmers, and producers.  Here, Culinary Connectors brings us a spotlight on where to drink this week in Denver — Lincoln’s Roadhouse.

The Family Feed — Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Waffle Cake

The Family Feed is all about what you put in your body — "you put good things in and good things happen." The Family Feed aims to share their cooking and baking talents, along with writing, photos, recipes, and more, for their kids and others. In this post, The Family Feed shares an unbelievable four-layer waffle cake, and shows how you can recreate it.

Dinners, Dishes & Desserts is a blog by a family-oriented Colorado mom with a desire to share her recipes and try new things. Here, this Colorado mom whips up a West Coast favorite, puppy chow, and shows you how to make bars of its delectable sweetness.

The Food Charlatan — Lamb Meatball Gyros

The Food Charlatan is a blog by Karen, a dessert-loving and food-obsessed mom who fears the day when her metabolism slows, the calories catch up with her, and you see her "rolling down the street in jogging shorts." Here, she wows us with a recipe, and photos, of lamb meatball gyros.

Bite and Booze — Prichard's Double Chocolate Bourbon Whiskey: Whisk(e)y Wednesday Presented by Calandro's Supermarket

Bite and Booze is on a quest to celebrate the food and beverage culture of Louisiana, and everywhere author Jay D. Ducote eats and drinks. Here, Bite and Booze talks about Prichard’s double chocolate bourbon whiskey.

Bella Vivere — Review: Chai Pani (Decatur, Ga.)

Bella Vivere is all about restaurant news. In this post, Bella Vivere reviews Chai Pani, which translates to "tea and water," slang in India for going out for a cup of tea and a snack.