Coffee Custard Transforms Plain Ice Cream Into a Sundae With a Kick

This recipe makes for a very happy ending
Coffee Custard
Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune. Food styling by Joan Moravek.

Coffee and milk chocolate combine for an amazing custard to pour over plain vanilla ice cream.

Affogato means drowned, and it's a distressing thing to witness after dinner. Innocent vanilla ice cream, cowering in a cup, is doused with scalding espresso. Way too "Game of Thrones."

The Italian dessert is supposed to serve up contrast: hot and cold, sweet and bitter, vanilla and espresso. But the hot shot melts the cold scoop, yielding lukewarm coffee soup.

I called in rewrite. In this version, the ice cream keeps its cool in a chilled glass. It's lavished with coffee custard and finished with a swirl of whipped cream.

Maybe the dish veers toward the all-American sundae. But it makes for a very happy ending.

To get this distractingly delicious recipe, visit the Chicago Tribune.

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