Cheesy Stuffing Bread Bowls Are the Thanksgiving Side Dish You’ve Been Waiting For

With this genius tip from the kitchens at Mashable, you’ll be using individual bread bowls to make for a unique take on stuffing
Who knew that the trick to better stuffing was to add even more carbs?

Image c/o Mashable Video

Who knew that the trick to better stuffing was to add even more carbs?

Stuffing is one of the most classic Thanksgiving side dishes around. But even though you swear that your grandma’s recipe is the best around, the thing is, most turkey stuffing hasn’t really changed in decades.You have your bread crumbs, seasoning, sausage, and celery. Enter the stuffing bread bowl: a unique, individualized update to the traditional side dish… making stuffing, well, less stuffy.

The recipe for a cheesy stuffing bread bowl comes from the folks over at Mashable. You can get the full recipe with a how-to instruction video there, but this is the basic premise. Hollow out a small roll and cube the doughy innards into stuffing-like bread crumbs. Toss those bread crumbs back in, along with a healthy dollop of butter, cheese, and sausage crumbles.

Repeat until you’ve made enough for every hungry cousin, sibling, and creepy uncle, and then toss in the toaster or oven for 20 minutes or until the cheese melts at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warning: You may not make “normal” stuffing ever again after attempting this cheesy bad boy.