This Blogger Invented a $12 Cheese Advent Calendar and We Really Want One

Why has this only just been made??
This Blogger Invented a $12 Cheese Advent Calendar
So Wrong Its Nom

You can buy all sorts of Advent calendars in all shapes and sizes, each one with 24 small doors that hold immeasurable mystery. Some come filled with chocolate, some are an assortment of wine, and some simply hide pretty illustrations or short jokes behind each miniature door. Now there is a game-changing Advent calendar — one that is filled with cheese.

There’s no denying that cheese is addictively delicious — science has literally proven that — so in 2015, when Annem Hobson, blogger-in-chief of So Wrong Its Nom, failed to find a cheese advent calendar for the holidays, she decided to take things into her own hands. “Cheese. I love it,” she explained in a post describing her DIY method. ”I’d go as far as saying I love it more than chocolate, so why then has no one invented a CHEESE ADVENT CALENDAR?”

Two years later, after a prototype and an incredibly successful campaign (11,000 people signed up in just four days to get their cheese-loving hands on one) her Cheese Advent Calendar is about to go on sale at British supermarket ASDA.

The calendar includes 24 individually wrapped cheeses and has a “unique ‘book-style’ packaging design, allowing one half to be torn off after the initial 12 days of Christmas to maximize fridge space.” The cheeses included in the calendar are Jarlsberg, Applewood, Mature Cheddar, Red Leicester, and Wensleydale with cranberries, and all of them are vegetarian friendly.

The Cheese Advent Calendar will be available in ADSA stores from November 9. The calendar costs £8 and is now one of the many reasons the holidays are the best time of year!

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