Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten Writing Cookbook Just For Jeffrey

Fans of the Barefoot Contessa long for a love like that of Ina Garten and her husband of nearly 50 years, Jeffrey Garten. Now, everyone can bring a little bit of the adorable couple's life together home. 

After nine successful cookbooks, Garten is finally releasing a volume of recipes dedicated to her one true love.

"Cooking for Jeffrey" will be released Oct. 25. We're sure it will feature a take on Garten's roast chicken—a certified Jeffrey favorite—among other dishes her husband raves about on the  popular Food Network show.

"'Cooking for Jeffrey' is my most personal cookbook yet!" says Garten's booksynopsis. "It's filled not only with the recipes I make for my husband at home, but also with fun stories from our years together." Garten often credits her husband with pushing her toward a career in food and he served as the unofficial taste tester for hundreds of recipes. 

Recipes in the book will include classics like brisket with onions and leeks, skillet-roasted lemon chicken, roasted salmon, apple pie bars, and vanilla-rum panna cotta with salted caramel. There will also be some 
"new favorites" like salmon tacos and a kale Salad with pancetta and pecorino. There's also a Barefoot Contessa first in the book—a full chapter dedicated to bread and cheese, with relevant recipes and hostess tips for crafting "the perfect cheese course."

The first-run hardcover price of "Cooking for Jeffrey" is set at $35. It will also be available for $18.99 on Kindle in October.