America’s Best Supermarkets 2015

You voted, we listened; here are your picks for the nation’s best supermarket
America’s Best Supermarkets 2015


Did your favorite grocery store make the list?

Love it or not, we all have to go grocery shopping sooner or later, and the store you choose to visit can have a huge impact on the quality of your shopping experience. Whether you’re incredibly busy and looking for a one-stop shop where you can buy everything from fresh produce to a pair of shoes or are looking for a very specific artisanal product that can be difficult to find in some chain supermarkets, choosing the right store is key. But how do you know which store is best?

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When we first asked this question in 2014, we reached out to a group of prominent food bloggers (who better to poll about grocery shopping than people who spend countless hours shopping for ingredients, making food, photographing food, and writing about food?), asking them where they liked to shop. They helped us craft a list of great supermarkets across the nation. Then we narrowed our list to large chain supermarkets (the majority of which have locations in more than one U.S. state) and then we asked all of you, readers of The Daily Meal, to vote for your favorites based on the stores' range, quality, and availability of products; cleanliness; and level of customer service. We were thrilled to receive more than 1,200 votes and even happier when many of you reached out to us letting us know about some of the other great grocery stores where you shop.

We decided it was time to ask for your votes again and to determine the best supermarkets for 2015. We added some new supermarkets to the survey (thanks to your emails) and more than 2000 votes later, we’ve compiled a list of America best supermarkets this year, based upon the same criteria as last year.

Did your favorite grocery store make the list? Read on to find out as we count down to America’s #1 supermarket for 2015.

35. Ingles

This regional American supermarket chain operates hundreds of stores in the southeastern United States. The market, a one-stop shopping center dedicated to customer service and the quality of its’ products, offers a variety of brand-name goods in addition to their own label, Laura Lynn.

34. Lowes Foods

With a 200-percent freshness guarantee (if you’re not satisfied with the freshness or quality of any perishable or Lowes Foods private-label product purchased in-store, they’ll replace the item and issue you a refund) it’s no surprise that this store ranked #34 in the country. 

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