Aldi's Dutch Oven Looks Just Like Le Creuset and It Costs Only $29.99

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Aldi's Le Creuset copycat is so cheap.

Shopping for cast-iron cookware can be disheartening when you have Champagne taste on a beer budget. Le Creuset is drop-dead gorgeous and has become a symbol of high-quality French culinary design. (Seriously, just look at this stunning ombre collection.) Unfortunately, these pots and pans cost hundreds of dollars, and that’s not exactly considered affordable. But you know what is? Aldi’s cast-iron cookware that looks just like the coveted Le Creuset.

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On October 24, Aldi will release a limited edition 6-quart Dutch oven for just $29.99. The ruby red pot (which has been sold by the German grocer in the past) is made by Crofton. It has the same graying edges as its more expensive counterpart and even bears near-identical lettering on the lid. The only semi-obvious cosmetic difference is that there are just two rings on the top as opposed to four.

In addition to the Dutch oven, the supermarket chain will also begin selling a 5-quart braiser that will allow you to fry, sauté, poach and, obviously, braise. Just over a month later on December 5, customers can score a cast-iron 2-in-1 pot that can cook a pot roast and sauté vegetables or potatoes at the same time. Both items are priced at $29.99. Just think of all the soups, stews and casseroles that await you! The possibilities are endless.


We love a good money-saving moment just as much as the next person and the fact that this cookware costs next-to-nothing is just another reason why we're obsessed with Aldi.