9 Culinary Content Network Stories to Read Right Now (Slideshow)

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Simply So Good — Double Root Beer Float

Simply So Good realizes the importance of having dinner on the table—"food brings family home." Her blog was created for the purpose of helping her college children choose foods not just in the cafeteria, giving them unique and healthy choices for filling their plates. Here, Simply So Good shares her recipe for a double root beer float, a perfect dessert all year round.

Call Me Fudge — Black and Blueberries

Call Me Fudge is a self-taught (and family-trained) cook and baker who loves the way that food brings family and friends together. In this post, Call Me Fudge uses her blender to mix blueberries and blackberries, creating a homemade soda that is fresh tasty.

Coconut & Lime — Tropical Heat Pickled Apricots

Coconut & Lime is a "seventh generation Baltimorean, dog owner, reader, movie-watcher, sunglass-wearer," and, wait for it… "food lover." After starting Coconut & Lime back in 2004 as a way to record recipes and share with friends, it and she have since developed into a full time blog/blogger, professional recipe developer, food columnist, two-time cookbook author, and amateur food photographer. Here, Coconut & Lime shares a recipe for making jarred apricots with heat.

Creole Contessa — Applewood Smoked Tapenade

Creole Contessa calls her husband "Big Goo" and her daughter "Baby Girl," and started her blog because "it’s just not fair not to share [her] great recipes with the world." Although raised in California, spending every summer in Louisiana with her late grandmother Frances taught her the art of Creole cooking and transformed her roots. Now, she operates under the motto, "You gotta look cute to cook cute," and shops her way to a full closet, and blog. In this post, she makes an Applewood Smoked Tapenade, perfect for "Meatless Monday" or any day of the week.

Ingredients, Inc. — Breakfast Wraps

Ingredients, Inc. is a blog by Alison Lewis, editor-in-chief and founder of Healthy Travel, a digital magazine that launched in March of this year. She has a number of roles on her résumé, from cookbook author to television and social media spokesperson to president of Ingredients, Inc., a media consulting company in Birmingham, Ala. In this post, Lewis gets her readers ready for school, sharing her breakfast burrito recipe, packed with protein, vegetables, and carbs for energy. 

Garnish with Lemon — BLT with Grilled Avocado

Garnish with Lemon was created by two moms who bonded over "preschools, carpools, and a love of good food." Their desire to inspire families to eat well and enjoy the cooking and creating process led them to creating this blog, and sharing their recipes with you. Here, Garnish with Lemon shares her addiction for grilling avocados, and shares a BLT recipe incorporating the treat.

Holly’s Helpings — Marinara Dipping Sauce

Holly’s Helpings operates as a data analyst by day and a student (working toward her Master’s in statistics) and food blogger by night. She is a vegetarian, not because she doesn’t support eating meat, but because it’s not her favorite, and defines her plan as the following: "create awesome food, make people laugh, and go for second helpings guilt free." In this post, Holly’s Helpings provides a recipe for marinara dipping sauce, a great after-school snack for kids and adults.

Bird & Cleaver — Hot Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Bird & Cleaver is by a dynamic duo who describe themselves as the following: “"Bowie and Slayer, Baking and Butchery, Good Cop and Bad, Jane Eyre and Conan, Red Wine & Beer, Snuggler and Wrestler, Idea and Opinion, Mom and Dad." In this post, Bird & Cleaver give a pickling idea for Brussels sprouts, making them spicy, tangy, and slightly sweet.

GirliChef — Grapefruit & Mint Boozesicles

GirliChef, "where all roads lead to the kitchen," features a guest post from Nutmeg Nanny, sharing a recipe for "boozesicles" that are packed with summer flavor and are easily made "virgin."