8 Healthy And Delicious Frozen Fruit Recipes For The Summer

When the temperature starts to rise, there's only one thing on everybody's mind: cooling down. Given the choice between a bottle of water and a fruity slushie or snow cone, most of us would opt for the latter. A sweet, frozen treat once in a while never did any harm, but snack on these sugary, calorie-laden desserts regularly and you could end up sabotaging your summer diet. Luckily, not all frozen desserts are total diet bombs.

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One of the easiest ways to stay healthy during the summer (while indulging your craving for something sweet and icy) is to freeze fresh fruit. Fruit is naturally sweet, which means you don't need to add a ton of sugar, and its high water content means it's easy to freeze into a cooling and hydrating snack. Plus, fruit is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that can help you stay healthy and feel your best all summer long.

While we love (and totally endorse) noshing on fruit straight from your freezer (is there anything better than a bowl full of frozen grapes?), there are also a number of ways to use your frozen fruit to make healthy "ice creams," sorbets, granitas, and ice pops. 

So break out your blender and ice pop molds — we've got eight delicious recipes that use frozen fruit to create good-for-you summer treats. Whether you're craving creamy ice cream or a fruity snow cone, one of these recipes is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, guilt-free.

Banana Ice Creamyou only need one ingredient to make rich and creamy mock ice creamBlueberry Yogurt Ice PopsThese gorgeous ice pops

Believe it or not, . Cut ripe bananas into coins and place them in a resalable bag in your freezer. When they've frozen solid, purée them in a food processor until they reach ice cream consistency. Don't be nervous when the purée starts to look lumpy: Keep pulsing the mixture and in just a few seconds more you'll have a luscious banana "ice cream."

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get their tie-dyed appearance from alternating layers of creamy Greek yogurt and a simple, scratch-made blueberry sauce. It will be hard to eat just one of these sweet and creamy pops, so make a double batch!

Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal's Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.