5 Culinary Content Network Stories to Read Right Now (Slideshow)

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The Weekend Gourmet — Tropical Breeze Sangria

The Weekend Gourmet is Wendy, who shares her favorite recipes featuring “big flavor adventures at home and on the road.” In this post, Wendy shares a sangria recipe with the flavors of summer.

Dixie Chik Cooks — Asian Chicken Waffle Panini

Dixie Chik Cooks is a blog by a “southern belle who’s thinking about what’s for dinner while eating lunch.” Here, she gets adventurous with a recipe for a waffle panini.

My Sweet Mission — Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia Bread Recipe

My Sweet Mission is dedicated to a life-long love of baking. In this post, she shows us how to make focaccia bread that looks and tastes like the bread you’d find at an authentic Italian restaurant.

Peanut Butter & Peppers — Shrimp with Asparagus and Tomatoes

Peanut Butter & Peppers named her blog after her favorite foods, has lost 30 pounds over the past few years, and has set her new goal and trying not to count calories. She strives for a healthy and balanced diet, with indulgences in moderation. In her blog, she’ll share recipes for all of her success and her flops, so you don’t make the same mistakes. In this post, she cooks a light and healthy dish with shrimp, asparagus, and tomatoes.

Creole Contessa — Roasted Citrus Chicken

Creole Contessa calls her husband "Big Goo" and her daughter "Baby Girl," and started her blog because "it’s just not fair not to share [her] great recipes with the world." Here, her “Baby Girl” makes chicken garnished with lemon and orange slices.