The 5 Best Healthy Recipes

These delicious recipes are as good as they are good for you
The 5 Best Healthy Recipes

Who ever said healthy food can’t also be delicious food?

There are still a lot of people who believe that healthy food rarely tastes good. Or, at the very least, that it takes a good deal of work (and maybe a trick or two) to make a healthy recipe a tasty one. Luckily, that isn’t true. Whole grains, vegetables, and lean proteins are inherently delicious; you just need to know how to cook them. And, we’ve got five healthy recipes to prove it.

Best Healthy Breakfast Recipe
Starting your day with whole grains can help you stay full. Try topping these healthy whole-wheat pancakes with a little nut butter (instead of syrup) for added protein. Click here for the recipe.

Best Healthy Dinner Recipe
This easy pork tenderloin makes a hearty and delicious meal when it’s paired with roasted vegetables. Try tossing chunks of sweet potato and carrot in olive oil and then roasting them alongside the pork tenderloin until they’re soft and slightly charred. Click here for the recipe.

Best Healthy Chicken Recipe
A healthy chicken dinner simmered all day (in your slow cooker) in tomato sauce? Yes, please! Click here for the recipe.

Best Easy Healthy Recipe
A homemade citrus and mustard marinade gives this chicken breast so much flavor you won’t believe it’s actually good for you! And all you have to do is combine a few ingredients, let the chicken marinate, and then bake it in the oven. Click here for the recipe.

Best Healthy Makeover Recipe
Creamy, cheesy baked pasta is definitely on our list of delicious foods — now it’s on our list of healthy foods too. Try replacing the elbow noodles in this butternut squash mac and cheese with whole wheat noodles for even more health benefits. Click here for the recipe.

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