25 Ways to Get Some Bacon Into Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, and more bacon
Bacon-Blanketed Herb Roasted Turkey // The Runaway Spoon

Bacon-Blanketed Herb Roasted Turkey // The Runaway Spoon

If there is one thing missing in our lives, it’s more bacon.

Even though bacon is everywhere these days, its appeal remains undeniable. The staggeringly delicious meaty flavor and the seductive richness of the rendered fat gives joy to just about everyone who indulges in it.

To make sure that you are eating enough bacon this holiday, we’ve compiled 25 of the best Thanksgiving dishes that not-so-sneakily sneak in copious servings of crispy bacon.  

Included here is the standard — yet utterly awesome —Brussels sprouts with bacon, as well as a hefty bacon-weave apple pie. A few bacon cocktails make appearances, and the shining star of the day, the turkey, is shown ridiculously but deliciously enrobed in bacon slices. So much bacon goodness! Still, I challenge all those deep-fry enthusiasts out there: Have you ever tried to deep-fry your bird in bacon fat? (It’s awesome, I highly recommend it.)

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This Thanksgiving, be thankful for bacon.