25 Summer Comfort Food Recipes

Summer and comfort foods do not, at first glance, go hand in hand. When most people think of comfort foods they think of hearty fare to comfort one in the cold months of winter or the cooling months of autumn. Hearty beef stews, rich cheese pastas, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken pot pie, and French onion soup are all traditional comfort foods.

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But comfort should not end simply because the weather gets warmer and there is no snow on the ground. Comfort should be sought year round. Summer comfort food should be delicious and fresh and should not make you feel hot, bothered, and uncomfortable in the kitchen.

Think of summer barbecues, picnics in fields and under shady trees and lazy afternoons and all of the delicious things you want to cook and eat for those occasions. From fried chicken and blueberry pie to summer rolls and no-cook summer pastas, we have plenty of recipes that are sure to comfort you this summer.