#19 Kitchen on Fire, Berkeley, Calif. from 25 Best Cooking Classes in America

25 Best Cooking Classes in America

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#19 Kitchen on Fire, Berkeley, Calif.

Kitchen on Fire is a cooking school that teaches culinary skills with an added focus on local organic food from small nearby organic growers and winemakers.

They explain, “Through fun and educational hands-on cooking classes, culinary demonstrations and lectures taught by top chefs and food professionals, we demystify home cooking and entertaining.”

Kitchen on Fire offers day classes covering basic cooking techniques, nutrition, global cuisines, as well as vegetarian cooking, among many others.

For the serious enthusiast, Kitchen on Fire covers a wide array of techniques and skills in a four-week or 12-week boot camp series. Individual classes begin at $115, whereas the 12-week culinary basics school costs $1,065 or $795 for the four-week condensed boot camp course.