#14 Culinary Classroom, Los Angles from 25 Best Cooking Classes in America

25 Best Cooking Classes in America

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#14 Culinary Classroom, Los Angles

The founder, owner, and chief instructor at the Culinary Classroom, chef Eric Jacques Crowley, draws upon his extensive career, highly regarded technical training, and education from the Culinary Institute of America to closely mentor students both in the art of cooking and baking and in furthering their culinary careers.

The Culinary Classroom offers 30 hands-on courses focusing on single subjects, like Chef Eric’s Chicken Connoisseur Class, and also covers global cuisines, pairings, and desserts.

Each class lasts about three hours and costs about $95 to $100 per person, per class. For $395 you can sign up for a four-week series boot-camp-style course covering the culinary basics more in depth.