14 Great Ways To Enjoy Summer's Last Sweet Corn

The sun is starting to set noticeably earlier, greens all around are fading to browns, and the temperature has begun to drop just a few degrees. It all can only mean one thing: the summer season is officially on the decline.

But it's not over just yet.

 Don't be fooled by the fast-approaching Labor Day; there's plenty of summer cooking to be had. We still have warm nights and bountiful produce to enjoy. Now is the time when sweet corn is at its sweetest, freshest, and ripest.

Best of all, corn is versatile, and here we've curated a simple selection of some of the best summer corn recipes around, courtesy of some top chefs, food bloggers, and our own vast recipe archives. Whether you enjoy these golden ears boiled with Old Bay, grilled and rolled in queso fresco and Mexican spices, or tossed in a bright summer succotash, now is the perfect time to get after it.