13 Foods to Try This Summer Before They Go Out Of Season

Try these foods at their peak flavor — right now
Katie Cavuto - Summer Sauces

Dietitian Katie Cavuto shows you how to make a simple summer sauce.

Don’t miss out on all summer has to offer before fall settles in and the farmers market bounty begins to thin out.

Just because we live in a country where most produce is available year round doesn’t mean there aren’t marked differences from season to season. Eating foods as they come into season in your climate zone means you get the freshest tasting products available. For all those locavores out there, eating fresh, seasonal produce grown near home is more a lifestyle than a diet.

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Jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the best that summer has to offer while it lasts. Taste the difference in old favorites like sweet corn and juicy, firm tomatoes, or branch out to more exotic offerings like poblano chiles, a slightly hotter version of the Anaheim chile. Experiment with recipes and get your fill of summer stone fruit like cherries, peaches, and nectarines while they last.

Summer is the season of plenty when it comes to produce. Don’t miss out on all it has to offer before fall settles in and the farmers market bounty begins to thin out. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables to try: Some might sound more familiar than others, but give each one of these foods its due or risk waiting through winter, fall, and spring for your next chance at a taste.


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Ideal for Mediterranean recipes, this delicate herb imparts rich, earthy flavor to any dish. Try a chiffonade of basil sprinkled on top of pastas, vegetables, or mixed with salads. Quickly blanching basil in boiling water can bring out its intense flavor.

Bell Peppers

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These colorful peppers are crispy and mild in flavor. Dice them raw to add crunch to a salad, or stir-fry them for fajitas at your summer fiesta.


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