13 Finger Foods To Pass At Your Holiday Party

Whether you are in need of a way to entertain guests (ahem, keep them out of the kitchen) while you put the finishing touches on the main course or in search of bite-sized recipe ideas to serve at your holiday cocktail party, we have the perfect finger food recipes that will give your guests something to munch on while they mingle.

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We like chips-and-dip as much as the next guy, but this type of appetizer has one fatal flaw at large parties — people tend to crowd around the bowl. Keep your party guests circulating with easy-to-grab one- or two-bite appetizers you can serve on trays to distribute around the room.

Keep the flavors fresh and seasonal, and offer a variety of snacks from tartlets, mini crab cakes, or spiced nuts that will both keep your guests occupied and keep the hunger pangs at bay while you prep the main course or mix the drinks.

We've rounded up 13 recipes that are sure to be hits at your next holiday party that include only the best ingredients from sweet lump crab meat to salty bacon, and more.

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