13 Culinary Content Network Stories to Read Right Now Slideshow

The Lush Chef — Fettuccini with Tempranillo Sauce, Beef Tenderloin, and Goat Cheese

The Lush Chef, from Santa Monica, Calif., promotes gourmet cooking and baking, not emphasizing drinking to excess, but instead the smart use of one’s home bar in cooking and sipping. Here, she gives a recipe for fettuccine with tempranillo sauce (here is the alcohol), beef tenderloin, and goat cheese.

Evil Shenanigans — Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Pie

Evil Shenanigans’ mission is to bring you "exceptional recipes that are good for your taste buds but bad for your waistline." Her motto? "Life is short, eat the food you love!" Here, she brings you another evil recipe, for chocolate peanut butter cream cheese pie.

Bite and Booze — ChefDance at Sundance

Bite and Booze is on a quest to celebrate the food and beverage culture of Louisiana, and everywhere author Jay D. Ducote eats and drinks. In this article, Bite and Booze recounts the culinary indulgence of ChefDance at Sundance, a series of celebrity-chef crafted dinners, hosted by MorningStar Farms.

Valley & Co. Lifestyle — Valentine’s Day Challenge: Kitchen Living with Coryanne

Valley & Co. Lifestyle, a "husband and wife wedding and event planning and design duo," loves recipes, cocktails, creative campaigns, and entertaining, among other things. Here, they share a story from Kitchen Living with Coryanne, who responded to their Valentine’s Day challenge.

My Mother’s Apron Strings — Morning Muffins

My Mother’s Apron Strings brings back recipes from her mother’s kitchen, made without a cookbook, and with a lot of flavor. Here, My Mother’s Apron Strings shows us how to make some of her mother’s morning muffins.

Ingredients, Inc. — Quinoa Recipe and Quinoa Cookbook Giveaway

Ingredients, Inc. is a blog by Alison Lewis, editor-in-chief and founder of Healthy Travel, a digital magazine launching in March of this year. She has a number of roles on her résumé, from cookbook author to television and social media spokesperson to president of Ingredients, Inc., a media consulting company in Birmingham, Ala. Here, she explores quinoa, sharing both a recipe and details for a cookbook giveaway. 

Men Who Dine — Celebrity Cruises Pop-Up Restaurant

Men Who Dine is a two-man team aiming to bring you coverage of the best and most authentic restaurants, bars, lounges, and all things food along their way. A part of the "underground foodie force," they connect with chefs, restaurants, and events via social media, word-of-mouth, and eating — a lot. Here, Men Who Dine talks about Celebrity Cruises Pop-Up Restaurant, the first in New York City, hosted by The Kitchen NYC.

Rachel Cooks — Winter Salad with Clementine Dressing and Vanilla Bean Candied Walnuts

Rachel Cooks aims to "catch" you with her recipes, words, and photographs, and to distinguish herself from the crowd. Her blog name has transformed over the years, from "Rachel’s Recipe Reviews" to "Not Rachael Ray" and finally to "Rachel Cooks," but her content will remain the same — centered on food, family, and fun. Here, she fights away baby fat with a salad kick, and shares her recipe for a healthy winter salad, with clementine dressing and vanilla bean candied walnuts.

Cupcakes & Cutlery — Carded at Alt Summit

Cupcakes & Cutlery aims to bring a California casual vibe to your family with her collection of original and curated content from around the Web. In this piece, she shares experiences from Alt Summit, and the creative carding it entailed. One, by The Faux Martha, included homemade marshmallows!  

The Hungry Goddess — HGEATS Soups and Stews Twitter Chats 2/13 at 12n EST

The Hungry Goddess, food for the ravenous soul, is a blog by Kimberly Moore, a "foodie, cook, food writer, and recipe creator," who is always hungry, and always sharing. In this post, she invites viewers to participate in a Twitter chat, where questions, secrets, and comments can be shared, swapped, and discussed.

The Grassroots Gourmet — Docos

The Grassroots Gourmet is a blog about great tasting food that’s great for you, straight from "Dr. Mike." The cardiologist who is also a culinary expert has cooked for The American Culinary Federation, is a contributor for Basiland The Tampa Tribune, and has worked professionally in kitchens, in addition to his TV and radio experience. Here, he gives some health-friendly Valentine’s Day specials, recommending a recipe for Docos (duck tacos).

Diners, Dishes, and Deserts — Thursday Things

Diners, Dishes, and Deserts is a blog by a family-oriented Colorado mom with a desire to share her recipes and try new things. In this post, she shares a set of recipes, including chicken tortilla soup, French onion soup, and beer cheese soup, to name a few.

Accidental Locavore — Spicy Spare Ribs Recipe Inspired by Gordon Ramsay

Accidental Locavore shares things eaten and cooked, with an emphasis on what’s local and fresh. This post shows us how to make spicy spareribs, inspired by Gordon Ramsay.