13 Amazing Ice Cube Tray Hacks To Make Life Easier In The Kitchen

It's easy to stare up in wonder at that massive wall of kitchen tools at your local kitchen supply store. The kitchen magic you could make if you had that avocado slicer or garlic peeler. But maybe you don't actually need all those tools to make your culinary dreams come true. Sometimes, one tool used wisely can be just as awe-inspiring.

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Ever used a coffee grinder to turn whole spices into powder in seconds, or turned your blender into the perfect dough hook? So many of the tools we have stored in our kitchens are marketed with one purpose in mind, but can be rigged to complete a multitude of tasks.

Ice cube trays, for instance, can do more than freeze water. These little wells can be used for portioning foods, molding desserts, and organizing items. Next time you rush to the store for that new tool, think to yourself, do I already own just what I need?

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Don't dirty tons of bowls at your next party. Set up the bar by using each ice cube section for , limes, twists, onions, and olives. You will be all set to stir up any with your organized ice cube tray bar caddy.

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Sushi is fantastic, but making it at home isn't so simple. If you haven't mastered the rolling technique, try molding the in the ice cube trays with your filling in the center. Then, pop them out for little rolls that won't cause you grief.

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