12 Wonderful Mouthwatering Waffle Recipes

Don't trust anyone who doesn't like waffles — because there's seriously nothing not to love about these crispy, fluffy, craggy, warm squares of heaven. They are delicious at any meal of the day, and need not be limited to the morning hours; in fact, if you are only eating morning waffles, you probably aren't making the most of the available waffle hours in the day! There are an astounding number of great recipes and excuses to enjoy waffles any time of day, so don't wait another minute — get your waffle iron warming and whip up that batter lickety-split. Time waits from no waffle, after all!

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We reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers and asked them which recipes they turn to when the need for waffles strikes. They did not disappoint! We collected sweet treats like cinnamon sugar waffles and hot chocolate waffles with a marshmallow dip and wonderful savory creations like hot chicken and jalapeño cheddar waffles and okonomiyaki veggie waffles so you can enjoy waffles the whole day long and not risk a maple syrup induced sugar coma. Click on for these 12 wonderful mouthwatering waffle recipes — you won't be disappointed!