12 Cooking Hacks to Help Busy Parents Survive the End of Summer

Cooking Hack: Prevent a Soggy Sandwich

Brian Sheehan, host of The Daily Meal Video Network, shows you a simple way to prevent your sandwich from getting soggy.


Watermelon sticks are perfect for little hands to hold.

The summer heat might be wearing a little thin, but fall is just around the corner. Now that you have survived the summer picnics, the family beach trips, and the treks to the park, you have only a short time left before the school year begins. So before your little ones head back to class, we have a few tips to help you survive these last few weeks of summer.

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We’ve rounded up our favorite picks for cooking hacks that will entertain your kids throughout the day. For those picky eaters, these cooking tips will add just enough fun to keep them engaged. If you have a precocious “foodie” in your house, these tricks will impress even the most scrutinizing eye. From kid-friendly presentations to travel-friendly recipes, our cooking hacks guide for parents will provide all the inspiration you need to go from humble parent to kid-friendly culinary artist.

Whether you need a clever snack or a meal on the go, these tricks will be your lifeline through the last few weeks of summer and beyond.

Brown-Be-Gone Apples Slices


Nothing is worse than thinking you’ve packed a healthy snack for your child, only to reach into the bag to find brown, yucky apples. Next time, after you slice your apple, soak the slices in a solution of lemon juice and water. When you are ready to pack the slices, store them in an airtight plastic zip bag.

Cookie Cutters for Crazy-Shaped Foods

Photo Modified: Flickr / Creative Tools / CC BY 4.0

Use a cookie cutter to remove the crusts from sandwiches — it’s even faster than using a knife, and much more fun. If you have metal cookie cutters, repurpose them on the griddle to make animal-shaped pancakes or heart-shaped fried eggs.


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