Cook Your Heart Out

5 heart-filled recipes for Valentine's Day
Whole Roasted Black Sea Bass
Yasmin Fahr

Whole Roasted Black Sea Bass

We recently offered you ways to eat your heart out while dining out, and, now, we offer you to do the same at home. Instead of preparing the typical aphrodisiac foods, put your heart into it with these heart-filled recipes. Whether you’re looking for a vegetarian recipe or want to prepare a dish for a more adventurous eater, we’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day meals for you. 


Chef Kerry Heffernan's Whole Roasted Sea Bass with Hearts of Winter Vegetables and Blood Orange-Tarragon Butter


Chef Chris Cosentino's Beef Heart Tartare — Puttanesca Style


Chef John DeLucie's Royal Chopped Salad


Rose's Baked Artichoke Hearts


Grilled Veal Heart