Cook County Criminal Courts Building

2650 S California Ave (at 26th St.)
Chicago, IL 60608
(773) 869-3073


  • Jury duty is fun ..... like sticking glass in your eyes
  • If you get on a jury, the meal they serve you is generally mystery meat and canned vegetables. If you request a vegetarian meal from the deputy sheriff in advance, you'll get a fresh grilled cheese.
  • Bad coffee but good people-watching in the jury room
  • Free parking in the garage, across the street from the courthouse.
  • No free wifi!!!!
  • Pack a lunch unless you want Popeyes.
  • Met alot of kool people
  • You can store prohibited items in the machines (they look like vending machines) for $3. You use your credit card to get them back.
  • If you are here for grand jury duty, sit in one of the front rows. You will be called first!
  • Free parking is for employees and jurors only
  • So in love with the old bldgs
  • There are many legally possessed items that are not allowed in a criminal courts building (such as handcuff keys), but there is a list at the front door. Leave those items in your car.
  • There is a clean bathroom by the law library (4th floor of the south tower)
  • Make sure you leave through the front door.
  • Don't forget to stop at Starbucks. The coffee machine in the Juror's room is an antique.
  • There is free wifi for jurors in lunch break in the law library on the fourth floor.
  • Don't bring your cell phone in
  • Don't park in the lot across from courthouse. More vandalism in those lots than on the street.
  • No wi-fi in the jurors' waiting room...
  • Be aware: they'll take your hand-cuffs key away from you at security - even if you tell them it was a novelty item and/or gift. If I can legally purchase one at an army-surplus store, then why?

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