Continuing Education at ICE: Food Stylist Junita Bognanni and Food Photographer Steve Legato

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Continuing Education at ICE: Food Stylist Junita Bognanni and Food Photographer Steve Legato


ICE's Center for Advanced Pastry Studies (CAPS) is excited to announce an upcoming course on July 17, led by food stylist Junita Bognanni (food stylist for Chef Jenny McCoy's "Desserts for Every Season") and food photographer Steve Legato (photographer for Chef Kathryn Gordon's "Les Petits Macarons"). Participants will learn trends in food styling, observe and analyze food styling by Junita and a photography shoot by Steve, then have the chance to try their hand at styling food themselves. In advance of this highly anticipated course, we sat down with Junita and Steve and asked them about their respective crafts. 

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Junita Bognanni

How do you approach each job to make it unique?


One of the things I love about food styling is that each job is one-of-a-kind. Not just the work—the client, the location, the team and subsequently the mood of each photo shoot—are different every time. I don't have to do much to make each job unique, because that's the nature of the business!


What is one of the most important lessons you have learned along the way?


After a job is finished, people remember how it was to work with you almost as much as they remember the work itself. A positive attitude goes a really long way in this business.


What’s the biggest mistake you have ever made?


I can't recall a colossal mistake, but I know from experience that small mistakes happen to the best of us and it's usually the result of rushing. Whether it's reading a recipe incorrectly, forgetting to set a timer or buying the wrong cut of pork, there's almost nothing that can't be fixed if you keep a cool head about you.


Read on to learn more about Junita and Steve, as well as what participants can look forward to learning in the class!