Continental Lounge

Row 1

2801 W Chicago Ave (at California Ave)
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 292-1200

Foursquare Tips

  • Bad decisions are free upstairs after 3AM
  • Hipsters need to die
  • My favorite bar in America. (so far) Things get creepy here after 2am and I love it.
  • If you're here it's probably after 2am and you should probably be home. Just embrace that, stick it out and then have fun tomorrow morning trying to piece back together what happened tonight!
  • The mating rituals of the drunk people around 3am on the dance floor are fascinating to watch.
  • Where drunks go to die.
  • Tutoh. This where you go when you should go home.
  • This is where people go to creep on each other. It's open mad late easy to score herpes.
  • aka MISTAKES.
  • If you want mellow, come anytime before 2am and chill upstairs. Or play some pool!
  • Cheap beer, awesome tunes. Open till 4am.
  • Upstairs is where the party is... Got packed really quickly
  • Go upstairs...
  • the blue light fixtures above the bar look awesome thru an iPhone lens. if you're into taking random pics at bars. :)
  • Sunday is industry night at the continental $1 off everything just mention where u work.
  • Monday is $2 PBRs!
  • Cheap drinks... The only reason I hang out here is because I have hipster/cyclist friends.
  • The upstairs addition was the best idea. Spreads out the after hours crowd
  • Go see Gia on Saturdays..she is awesome
  • Tip my Friend Kozilla when you get your drink on or I'll bust your lipsss