Continental Divide

Row 1

15 State Highway 122
Continental Divide, NM 87312
Scenic Lookout, Other Outdoors, Travel

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  • I feel like this should be more exciting!!
  • In Navajo, this place is called "Ahideelk'id" or "Hills Converge "
  • Pee on one side and it goes to the Atlantic. Pee on the other side and it goes to the pacific. It doesn't get much cooler that that!
  • Cold up in here !!
  • That's it??
  • Absolutely beautiful in the winter!
  • Watch the water flow to the pacific & the Gulf of Mexico
  • This place makes me feel a little up 'n' down...
  • Nothing to write home about
  • You on your way to LA, hit me up my number is the same
  • Cheap gas! Yay