Constellation Brands Announces Plans For A Bloody Mary Beer

The company has announced plans to enter the “large market” for this drink

A new Michelada will soon be made from Modelo, owned by Constellation Brands.

There are countless recipes online to make a “beer-y” Bloody Mary, but now all of this flavor can be found in a can as alcoholic beverage company Constellation Brands introduces a Bloody Mary-style beer in the U.S.

The beer, called “Modelo Especial Chelado,” is a tomato, salt and lime-flavored 3.5-percent beer modeled after the popular spicy drink, the Michelada, according to Beverage Daily. While this is not the only beer on the market in this style, CEO Robert Sands told Beverage Daily that this is a large market dominated byonly  one or two other brands. In addition to adding “an entirely new dimension to (the) company,” he described plans to begin brewing the tomato-based brew to a larger audience of beer drinkers.


The announcement came after it was announced that the brand had bought out Anheuser-Busch InBev’s recent acquisition of Modelo beer brands, according to Beverage Daily. Constellation Brands now owns AB-InBev's New Mexico large-scall brewery, and controls popular brands like Corona, Modelo, and Crown Holdings.