Come and Get It with the Culinary Content Network: 3/26/2013 Slideshow

Looky Tasty — NYC Bacon Bash 2013

Looky Tasty is a blog dedicated to "keeping you up to date on fun, food-related events happening in New York City and Chicago," and sharing some insider food deals. Here, Looky Tasty brings news on the New York City Bacon Bash, with the date set for Sunday, June 22.

Creole Contessa — Pasta with Roasted Butternut Squash and Andouille Sausage

Creole Contessa calls her husband “Big Goo” and her daughter “Baby Girl,” and started her blog because “it’s just not fair not to share [her] great recipes with the world.” Although raised in California, spending every summer in Louisiana with her later grandmother Frances taught her the art of Creole cooking and transformed her roots. Now, she operates under the motto, “you gotta look cute to cook cute,” and shops her way to a full closet, and blog. In this post, “Big Goo” comes back from the store with an organic squash, and the Creole Contessa has to get crafty.

Cupcake Project — Ginger Coconut Macaroons for Passover

Cupcake Project began with baking cupcakes for a friend’s wedding, which then transformed into a high-demand cupcake business and a blogger on a journey to achieve the ultimate cupcake. We say hooray of obsession, because we love her posts! Here, she tackles the art of a family obsession, coconut macaroons, and decides that this year, they will not come from the store.

Fake Food Free — Summery Cake with Lemongrass Syrup

Fake Food Free (Real Food from Every Corner of the World), strives to be "sustainable, local (yet still global), beyond organic, and respectful in her food choices while embracing the cultures and foods from all around this beautiful world." She has degrees in nutritional and exercise sciences and a passion for travel, photography, culinary arts, culture, and health. In this post, Fake Food Free borrows from Yvette van Bover’s creative cookbook Home Made, and although not sure how to explain it, she says “as a home cook, that book spoke to me.”

Crock Pot Ladies — Crock-Pot Kool-Aid Dyed Easter Eggs

Crock Pot Ladies are “here to save the day with easy, fix it and forget it slow cooker recipes and inspiration.” As busy moms with precious little time, they “rely heavily on [their] crock-pots to help [them] prepare yummy and healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) meals for [their] families and guests. Here, the Crock Pot Ladies congregate over Easter, finding a way to employ their beloved kitchen appliance even in the age-old tradition of Easter egg dying.

Bite and Booze — Woodford Reserve: Whiskey Wednesday presented by Calandro’s Supermarket

Bite and Booze is on a quest to celebrate the food and beverage culture of Louisiana, and everywhere author Jay D. Ducote eats and drinks. Here, Ducote talks about Woodford Reserve, his go-to Kentucky bourbon.

Jen’s Favorite Cookies — Funfetti Oreo Stacks

Jen’s Favorite Cookies is a “wife, mom of three, blogger, public speaker, self-help nut, and super hero.” Her blog is meant to be void of the fancy and complicated, bringing better and more varied cookies to everyday life. “If I can’t buy it at my local grocery store, I’m not using it.” In this post, Jen dabbles in the uncomplicated-fancy, making beautiful and delicious-looking funfetti oreo stacks.

Two Blue Lemons — Chickpea-Yogurt Dip with Pomegranate & Mint

Two Blue Lemons is a blog by Sarah, chronicling her East Coast island life, and all the food involved, with her husband, 2-year-old son, and dog. Here, she has our mouths watering at the title, and entices us even more with the first photo of her delicious dish, set on top of a painted blue background.