Colonial Brookwood Village Mall

600 Brookwood Vlg
Mountain Brk, AL 35209


  • Check In before or after, because the mall is a dead spot!
  • Go visit sweet frog premium yogurt!!!
  • This is a dying mall.
  • Eat at teriyaki express. Just do it
  • Watch out for the hotdog
  • This is a great place to walk while it is so hot! There is a lot of things to see and it stayed interesting! We even explored the new Target construction. Get out there and WALK!
  • This is not a dyin
  • Smaller mall with great dining options
  • Never crowded
  • Great mall to shop in, great stores and has a village feel to it. Also like the food court.
  • Shop shop shop ! With me ! I got endurance.
  • This mall has become even better with the redesign. But I guess the kid in me misses the arcade that was here.
  • Parking in the free deck is the best but cell signal in the deck stinks
  • Good lunch Hangout...
  • Love this mall and their food is great :).
  • Love z gallerie, great shops, cool Santa w a bug purple velvet couch.
  • Stop by Banana Republic! Great selection with a great staff!
  • Chick Fil A milkshakes are a must have.!!
  • Sbarros closed!!!! Boo!!! Subway has good pizza though...
  • Don't get caught shoplifting! I watched their security chase someone all the way out to Applebee's.

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