Milk & Cookies

Cold Stone Creamery's New Milk & Cookies Ice Cream Is Santa-Ready

Chips Ahoy! cookies are featured in the new holiday flavor
Milk & Cookies

Fans of Chips Ahoy! cookies should crumble up any other plans and head to Cold Stone Creamery for its new Milk & Cookies ice cream flavor. If you can figure out a way to stop it from melting, this might be a good flavor to leave under the tree for Santa.

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The ice cream is made with Chips Ahoy! chocolate-chip cookies, and sounds like Cookie Monster’s dream flavor. Cold Stone also blends it into one of its ice-cream Creations, this one dubbed the Milk & Cookie Comfort. It takes the Milk & Cookies ice cream and blends it with chunky Chips Ahoy! cookies and adds cookie dough for good measure.

Milk and cookies

Cold Stone Creamery

Milk & Cookies ice cream is just one of three new flavors at Cold Stone this holiday season, and is available now through early January. We told you about the ocean-inspired blue velvet cake ice cream back in November. That’s the flavor used in two treats honoring the about-to-be-released "Aquaman" feature film.

Aquaman's Blue Velvet Brownie Creation takes the blue velvet cake ice cream and adds brownie pieces, chocolate chips and edible glitter. Aquaman's Blue Velvet Shake uses the blue velvet cake ice cream and adds yellow cake, then is garnished with whipped topping and edible glitter.

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The final holiday flavor, dark chocolate peppermint ice cream combines two holiday favorite flavors of chocolate and mint. It’s also featured in a tasty-looking red velvet peppermint cake, featuring layers of moist red velvet cake and dark chocolate peppermint ice cream with Oreo cookies and Ghirardelli peppermint pieces, wrapped in a rich fudge ganache. If you’re a smart cookie, check out the top store-bought chocolate-chip cookies, ranked.