Coffee Shop Serves Lattes, Paternity Tests

Also on the menu: tax preparation and drug screening

City Coffee

Certain stores tend to wear multiple hats (Target, anyone?), but coffee shops have been known to simply be meccas of caffeine and couches and outlets to fight over. One New Jersey coffee shop, however, is doing things differently.

The Wall Street Journal brings us this fascinating piece about City Coffee, where operations director Mona Pryor gives customers their daily caffeine fix along with paternity tests, drug screenings, tax preparations, financial planning, family photos, printing, and oh so much more.

"We did about 300 tax returns this season. I do the DNA swabs and the drug testings," Pryor said.

As for people-watching, City Coffee offers a varied clientele of "jurors and lawyers... criminal defendants, bureaucrats, [and] recovering addicts," not to mention fire inspectors and all other regulars, who all come to catch up on errands and little tasks while waiting for their coffee.

Up next? The WSJ says City Coffee is looking to do a cleaning program, since their lawyer-heavy clientele often know people who are being evicted, or others who need a little extra cash.