Coffee Cup Cafe

Coffee Shop
4021 Southside Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 564-9900



  • Can you find the asian woman? (hint: she's hiding!)
  • I never leave disappointed. They have the best food! Never leave without a cookie.. It always tops off a great meal!! :)
  • Best breakfast spot in south side
  • Turkey Burger w/ jalapeos and American Cheese is amazing!
  • Turkey burger is the best!! All the food is fantastic!!
  • I always get the cheeseburger all the way well done. Best local food in JAX! I love their coffee in the mornings. 1/10th the price of starbucks and better tasting!
  • Try a muffin! They're super moist & fresh! Yum!
  • After 30 minute food wait they said they lost the order. Refund.
  • Today for lunch I had the taco salad and a giant, hot chocolate chip pecan cookie. Very good!!