Coffee Culture Around The Globe

Today's Western world is obsessed with popping into the local coffee shop for a daily caffeine fix in the form of a tall Americano or a skinny vanilla latte. However, it is sometimes easy to forget that as well as having a rich taste and texture, coffee also has a rich cultural background around the world. Since it was purportedly discovered by a goat herder in the 13th century, coffee has been adapted by different cultures, each with its own brewing and serving techniques.

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 It's been said that the first people to start brewing, and trading, coffee, were in the Arabian Peninsula (today known as Persia, Syria, Turkey, and Egypt) in the 16th century. The first coffeehouses, complete with conversation, live music, and games, were called "qahveh khaneh." In fact, coffeehouses then were known as "schools of the wise" for their intellectual atmosphere. Travelers soon brought coffee to Europe in the 17th century, and later to "New Amsterdam" — or New York.

Still, how people take their coffee depends on where you live; no two cups of coffee are quite the same around the world. Whatever your coffee preference, there is nothing better than enjoying a traditional beverage while exploring a different culture. From strong Italian espressos to spiced Maltese coffees and the intense Greek Ellinikos Kafe, read on for some of the best coffees from across the globe.

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