Coffee Cartel: The Best Coffee Shop in St. Louis

The Best Coffee Shop in St. Louis

If you’re looking for coffee with a twist, check out the Coffee Cartel in St. Louis.

Like a traditional coffee shop, this place has your traditionally brewed coffee and some great pastries, but that’s where the similarities end. This place is huge, with 240 seats in the main room and outdoor patio, all with free wifi and some with access to pay computers.

The shop also features some unconventional coffees including a Thai iced coffee, a sweet drink with sugar and condensed milk and a white chocolate café mocha.

What really got us, though, was their assortment of liquer coffee drinks including the “Fragile Baby” with Bailey's and Frangelico Swiss Mocha and the “Crazy Cappuccino” with Kahlua, Frangelico, and Bailey's. There’s also a list of frappes with liquer which sounds like the perfect summer afternoon.

Thankfully, you can get these drinks at any time…literally. The store never closes including on holidays. As if this wasn’t enough reason to love them, the shop also contributes to more than 300 charities.