Cocktail Ice(berg), Right Ahead!

Celebrate the re-release of 'Titanic' by showing your love for craft cocktail ice
Cocktail Ice(berg), Right Ahead!
Maryse Chevriere

A very major occasion is upon us — some might even call it one for the books.

Titanic, the one-time highest-grossing film ever and the reason why girls who were teens in the '90s still hold a torch for Leonardo DiCaprio, is being re-released to theaters — in 3-D — today. (What, you thought we were talking about the upcoming 100-year anniversary of the RMS Titanic setting sail?)

If you're looking to celebrate the event with a toast, there are plenty of pre-Prohibition-era cocktails that would be fitting to make. But rather than simply focus on the cocktail itself, perhaps more appropriate would be to play up the importance of the ice in the drink (since, clearly, ice had a big impact on the Titanic).

Quality, craft ice, and the importance of its role in the construction of a well-made cocktail, has been championed by the country's best bartenders for some time now. And anyone who has visited the likes of Saxon + Parole and Death & Co. in New York City, The Violet Hour in Chicago, or Cure in New Orleans can attest that beyond its practical importance, the visual effect craft ice lends to a drink is truly stunning.

Check out this slideshow for some craft-ice cocktail inspiration.