Clubs Gyro

$ $
1026 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225


  • $4 gets you a damn good Lamb Gyro sammy w the works, well done!
  • Lamb salad. Get it
  • good falafel and the vegetables are pretty fresh.
  • Get the tilapia fish over rice w salad. Try the chipotle sauce drizzled over all. #WonderFULL
  • Best Gyro place in Brooklyn. $6 for Lamb over Rice, and I eat it at least twice for the week. You can even sit and eat if it's not too crowded.
  • Chicken over rice plate is only $6!
  • The falafel Sammy is delish and $4. I mean. Why would you not? Only falafel I've found in the area. Dude working there is the homie.
  • If your pretty & look Arabic you get a discount (yay!) Um the pieces in the fish salad are FRIED ugh : (. Things here are and bingeable and easy to purge if your quick and skip the hot sauce