Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor

Row 1

N Michigan Ave (btwn Randolph & Monroe)
Chicago, IL 60602

Foursquare Tips

  • It's a cloud! It's a gate! No, it's the Bean!
  • You're in a WiMAX hotspot. Check out interesting facts online about Cloud Gate - such as that the sculpture weighs 100 short tons.
  • Welcome to my hood. Make sure you go inside and look up.
  • Check out the Chicago Bean!
  • Very cool sculpture, even at night.
  • Don't flick the bean. Flicking the bean will hurt your finger.
  • Anish Kapoors gleaming "bean" of stainless steel creates fantastic reflections of the city skyline and the crowds. Be sure to step under it. Green Guide Editor
  • Who knew "The Bean" is actually/officially called Could Gate??? Did you know that this is made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together? It's highly polished, so you can't see the seams.
  • Do not lick the bean, only flick it
  • If you like art and/or architecture don't miss The Bean in Millenium Park. It is truly fantastic!
  • Welcome to THE BEAN. Walk up and take your photo of course, but make sure to walk underneath, trippy.
  • I know this looks like a giant bean, but don't try to eat it, no matter how hungry you are. Trust me.
  • I liked the delicious food my friends brought , also the nice weather even with the rain :D!
  • Instagram gold. (actually stainless steel)
  • You gotta go once in the day and once at night.
  • Be cliche and take a picture in the bean!
  • Take photos, of course! Oh and get some of the beautiful skyline in as well
  • Aliens left this here in 1999 in exchange for the rights to Cubs prospect Darwin Barney
  • One of the best places in Chicago to take some interesting photographs.
  • Flick the bean