The Cloud Foundation Joins SAFE Food SAFE Horses Coalition for Rally in DC to Warn of Risks to Wild Horses, Public Lands and Public Health

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September 22 open-to-the-public Rally Exposes Links Between Horse Slaughter, Wild Horses and Toxic Horse Meat Hidden in...

Citizens protest toxic meat from slaughtered U.S. horses contaminating food supply (PRNewsFoto/SAFE Food SAFE Horses Coalition)

September 22 open-to-the-public Rally Exposes Links Between Horse Slaughter, Wild Horses and Toxic Horse Meat Hidden in U.S. Food Supply

WASHINGTON, Sept. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation and other experts will speak at the Capitol Plaza on September 22, 2016, to dispel the wild horse myths and misinformation propagated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in their quest to manage America's beloved wild horses to extinction, and clear our lands for takeover by private corporate interests for mining, fracking and "welfare" cattle grazing.  Other highlights of the SAFE Food SAFE Horses Coalition (SFSHC) Rally will include food safety presentations that explain the public health dangers of toxic meat from slaughtered U.S horses which has entered our food supply.

In the wake of public outrage and lawsuits which halted BLM's brutal surgical sterilization experiments on the wild horses, and following an announcement that the BLM Wild Horse and Burro (BLMWH&B) Advisory Board recommended the killing of thousands of wild horses in holding, BLM Director Neil Kornze assured Congress that the BLM would not follow the advisory committee's recommendation. However, Kathrens warns, "This does not mean the horses in holding and on the range are out of trouble."  Kathrens recalls documents from 2008 revealing BLM Secret Meetings in which the agency discussed how many horses could be killed each year and how many psychologists would be needed to counsel BLM employees asked to kill healthy wild horses.  In a more recent scandal, investigated by the Department of the Interior and found to be true, the BLM secretly and illegally sold over 1700 captive wild horses to a known kill buyer who sent them to slaughter in Mexico days after receiving them from BLM.

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According to SFSHC, over 150,000 wild and domestic U.S horses are sent to slaughter in Mexico and Canada each year.  "None of these horses are raised for human consumption according to FDA standards, and their meat potentially harbors grave infectious diseases, drugs, chemicals and toxins which pose a deadly threat to our food supply. Recent studies have shown that horse meat is a hidden contaminant in the US and global food supply", a spokesperson for the organization stated.

The goals of the rally are to:

  • Raise public awareness and enlist volunteers.
  • Compel congress to pass the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act HR 19442/S1214 to ban the slaughter and transport to slaughter of U.S. horses.
  • Demand BLM and Congress return our wild horses to our public lands and use modern methods of chemical birth control to manage population growth.

Join the Rally on Sept. 22 at the U.S. Capitol Plaza and be a VOICE for "We the People".

SAFE Food SAFE Horses:

SAFE Food SAFE Horses Coalition is a non-profit entity representing over 20 organizations and 1.75 million people. Its missions are to protect the food supply by banning the slaughter of American horses and protect our wild horses and public lands.

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