Click Away on the GOOD 100 List

It lists pies as the new cupcakes

Publications always put out their "Trends of the Year" pieces, but trust us, none of them are as fun as GOOD's list of 100 trends (except for ours, of course).

This great interactive graphic claims that breakfast burritos are the new brunch ("Everything you need to start your Sunday — without the wait list"), and that Toronto is the new New York City (as the biggest melting pot of the continent).

Other hefty claims include "Craft Booze Is the New Craft Beer," the "Home Bar Is the New Speakeasy," and of course "Pie Is the New Cupcake." We already knew that last one, (and expected a similar statement about cupcakes anyway), but their argument that "frosting can carry a dessert only so far" rings true.

Do you agree with their list?

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