City Shop (城市超市)

Grocery Store, Deli / Bodega, Cheese Shop
新华路160号上海影城B1楼 (近番禺路)
Changning, 上海市 200052
+86 21 5230 3971


  • High quality imported everyday products for foreigners.
  • Seriously screw this branch. Aside from their ridiculously high prices, out of 8 damn registers around the store, at any point in the day they only ever have TWO open.
  • I think the quality of the imported food went down recently.
  • Expensive stuff
  • this city shop is badly in need of a renovation and never seems to have what I want but had a decent supply of canned products like sauce, soup, etc
  • Their sandwiches are really good and cheap :) minimum would be 15
  • Don't bother trying to get a sandwich after 7pm. Things slowly start disappearing from the lineup and you're left with only lettuce on your pita bread sandwich.
  • Dissapointing actually. They do have some items I haven't seen before, but Carrefour carries a lot of the same things, and really cheaper.
  • Wifi for their staff only
  • They say they close at 10pm but there's a rude staff who closed the door at 9.45 and didn't want to let me in today (12 Feb 2012). Bad service.
  • Sandwiches are available at the cheese/ham section
  • Pasta is lovely n cheap

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