Cineplex, Movie Theater, Indie Movies
3015 Grand Ave #322 (In Cocowalk)
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 446-6843


  • Choose your seats online in advance, and you can slide in just minutes before the previews start rolling. They sell beer and wine and food, too, and they'll even deliver directly to your seats.
  • Best of Miami 2013- Best Movie Theater: Paragon Grove 13 and The Lot Bar & Lounge. The luxury of picking your seats online and delicious snacks served to your lap, this is the way to see a movie.
  • Assigned seating you can select online or at the theater. Also, nice little bar on premises where you can get wine/beer (Brooklyn Lager always a winner) & catch some sports games.
  • Love that you can pick ur seats when u buy ur tix
  • M&M bags are too small :(
  • I am probably one of the hardest people to please, and I couldn't find one thing wrong with this theater. Great food, clean and comfortable theater, friendly staff, overall the best around!
  • Monday thru Thursdays movies are $5 before 5:00!
  • You get to buy beer and wine!!!
  • <3 itt get to pick your seats, reserved bitch lol
  • My new movie watching spot <3
  • TMNT with the boo :)
  • VIP Premier from now on is the only way I will watch a movie.
  • Why wait in line and have to arrive 30 min early to get good seats? At this theaters, you can buy on line and assign your seat; arrive when the movie starts, your seat will be waiting
  • hottest movie theater in the world .
  • The best movie theater ever! You get to choose where you seat at no matter the line. You can even purchase the tickets online- A PLUS!
  • Assigned searing is very convenient and also very comfy
  • Backlot bar, decent food, beer and WINE, very comfy also. Plus they deliver your beverages and food to theatre.
  • The Brooklyn Lager for $14 packs a wallop! A 3 serving bottle with some ooph -order it with some food that they'll deliver right to your seat!
  • Closest big theater to Brickell. Assigned seating is weird but nice.
  • Country Strong - little taste of Nashville. Great soundtrack; Garrett Hedlund awesome.

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