Cineplanet 16

79 Atoka Munford Ave
Atoka, TN 38004
(901) 876-3456


  • Dress warm it's almost always cold.
  • Be careful checking show times online if its not the the theatre's official site. They listed my movie on imdb and another site as playing an hour earlier than it ended up, and with a third show time.
  • A movie theatre that doesn't take credit cards? WTF!! Guess I'm not in Oz anymore LOL
  • Cash only theater and extremely overpriced!!!!
  • This is the only movie theater in this area, and they know it. Expensive and the staff isn't friendly. Besides that, its a great theater. DLP screens, comfy seats. It beats driving out to Bartlett.
  • No credit cards are accepted, cash only, they have an ATM though
  • Great place to go on a w/e!
  • Avoid this place. Prices are ridiculous. $1.50 for a refill? This place sucks. Hopefully the Malco will pen soon in Millington and put this place out of business.
  • Go early if possible! I went and saw Percy Jackson last night at the 9:40 showing...all people even 9 year olds are $10 after a certain time. It was for sure a shock! Beware!
  • The floor was sticky...
  • They do not take debit cards. What century are they in ?
  • Bring plenty of Money!!!!!!!
  • It's the closest theater, but it's definitely overpriced. Catch a matinee whenever possible!
  • 9.50 is a rip.

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