Movie Theater, Cineplex
4535 Southside Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 998-2122


  • Turn your damn phone off and watch the movie!
  • Watch a movie on the XD screen.
  • Sneak your food in. Money saver. Legit
  • Food is expensive & unhealthy. Bring an apple or some healthy popcorn from home!
  • If you're seeing Magic Mike, be sure to get there 30 minutes early to get a decent seat!
  • Watch your movie in XD. They have great seats :-)
  • Always like this theater. Comfy, never overly busy. Convenient!
  • Most comfortable movie theater seats in Jacksonville!
  • Killer theater that is always slam packed. Great seats.
  • If the line outside is really long and your not paying cash you can go inside and use the ticket kiosk to buy your tickets
  • Always come on Tuesday's almost all movies are $5. Also use the ticket machines inside to avoid waiting in long lines outside! (:
  • It is always freezing in here! Bring a sweater
  • Most comfortable movie venue.
  • They need a movie reward card like Regal at the Avenues...
  • Snow caps! Mmmm
  • Comfy seats!
  • There are paper towels in the handicapped stalls.
  • some prices are high but nice place
  • Use the ticket machines inside to avoid long lines and the rain
  • Don't get Starbucks. It fucking sucks asshole. Worst frappuccino I've ever drank. I'm ashamed to be drinking it out of a Starbucks cup. Such a disgrace.

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