Cinemark Palace

Movie Theater, Cineplex
526 Nichols Rd (at Country Club Plaza)
Kansas City, MO 64112
(816) 756-5877


  • Much cheaper than the AMC Theatres in town: $4.00 matinee before 6:00 p.m. and $6.00 during the evening.
  • Love it period. All movies 6 to 650 at njght. 4.00 days. Awesome theatre. CMON
  • Credit card kiosks are just behind the box office. Few people seem to use them, so their lines are short.
  • Now would be a good time to mute your phone. :)
  • Don't go after dark on the weekends !!!
  • The crowd is unsavory.
  • $4.00 movie tickets! Clean, comfortable & convenient...tons of food options (ice cream, cookies, pizza, chicken fingers, etc. - & the usual).:-)
  • $4.00 matinees are awesome!
  • Park on the third floor of the parking garage. You usually won't have to drive around forever to find a spot, then when you live you can go across the skywalk and be at your car hella faster.
  • Best time to go is on a weekday. You won't have to deal with the weekend crowd or searching for a parking spot. Try the VIP room if you're 21 and older. Download the Cinemode App for bonus coupons.
  • If you don't want to be the annoying cow everyone wants to murder...shut the hell up, and turn your damn phone off.
  • Stand in line.
  • Can't beat the cheaper price for the tickets but be ready to hear people talk through the entire movie and look at their cell phones.
  • The credit card machine in the lobby is way faster than waiting in the line for tickets..
  • I believe tickets are now $4.25 and $6.25. The seats also seem to be upholstered leather now.
  • $4 movies? Ohhh yeah.
  • They should really have a line for the broke asses who just want complimentary water
  • Bypass the box office with the self-service ticketing kiosks located right behind it - pay with a credit card, a Cinemark gift card or pick up a pre-purchased ticket.
  • Only $4.25 before 6:00pm!
  • Cheap tickets! Only $6.25 for an adult on a weekend night.

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