Movie Theater, Cineplex
1317 Buckeye Ave
Ames, IA 50010
(515) 232-5066


  • Thanks for the tip. Now I have even more ways to bust people
  • Theater 7. The exit door flies open when windy. So on a windy day enjoy a free movie.
  • Why are grown adults talking and giggling at the movies???
  • Sweet talk the staff. Bitches love sweet talk.
  • Don't get caught at a midnight premier with your own food/drinks. Saw a guy get kicked out!
  • That worker Jason is the sweetest person I have ever met! And he's quite attractive too.
  • Don't listen to Nick Hamden. He hardly comes here.
  • Buy your snacks at Kmart, but don't get them out until the movie starts and the lights go down.
  • Sign up for weekly concession coupons via email.
  • I can't believe I'm seeing this movie, yikes
  • Paranormal activity 3! People need to be quiet
  • Father's Day movie with my boys!
  • But their small popcorn ticket. Tickets $2. You can get a small popcorn for $3 until the end of the year instead of the regular $5.50 (I believe) or use the ticket for $3 off any size popcorn!! :)
  • Don't go in theater one, it stank.
  • Yea Buddy!!!
  • Mission Imposible ghost recon was good!

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